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Live the life you want to live! With this epic guide on RV Living, Tiny Living, Van Life, and Nomad Living-From Vlog-style videos to educational posts from an experienced full-time solo traveler who has successfully tracked downed happiness in modern America.

Embark on a journey of inspiration with travel adventures and insightful how-to videos.

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Hello, I'm Amber!

You might know me from my van travels on the road or my YouTube channel where I travel vlog.  I used to work in an office, but now I'm living my dreams as a full-time travel vlogger and remote creative business owner. 

I’m here to help people fulfill their passions in what really matters! If you want help with your own tiny living dream – whether it’s in an RV, van, bus, or an off-grid tiny home by downsizing so you can save money while still feeling comfortable – then join me for tips, tricks, and some laughs along the way!

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