Walmart Boondocking-North Fork at Shoshone

North Fork at Shoshone River scenic route is a short drive at only 52 miles; however it packs in quite the views in a short amount of time. The North Fork scenic route completes #5 of my quest to complete all 300 of National Geographic's 300 Scenic Highways & Byways....

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Emotional Happiness Yellowstone NP

Happiness takes over and tears flow as I enter Yellowstone National Park from the West Entrance, stop at a simple flowing river where the sun kisses the ripples, and the mountains create the perfect picture. There's something about water, mountains, and the sun all at...

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I woke up and decided to sell everything I owned to live out my dream of RVing full-time.

As I fulfill my quest of traveling 300 of the National Geographic Highways & Byways in the USA, I'm creating and collecting stories of a lifetime.

Now I'm a Story Chaser.

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