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About Amber Baldwin

Looks like you're ready to hit the open road.

When you first start to realize there's an alternative, free lifestyle out there – it can feel exciting and fresh. But then you feel scared and overwhelmed by all the research, the what-ifs, and how to even make this kind of a move.

Your friends and family might think your nuts. Mine did for a while.

You might feel alone and unsure of yourself. You might be wondering if you have the courage to travel full-time, be on your own, and you're not even sure what RV to buy with all the choices out there! 

Ack – so many decisions it makes your head spin!

Hey! I’m Amber, I Started This Blog & YouTube Channel In 2017 As A Form of Creative Expression when I started RVing Full Time and Fulfilling My Wildest Dreams.

Founder of Story Chasing, perpetual solo traveler, videographer, writer, and entrepreneur. I gave up the 9-5 to fulfill a dream of traveling full-time and to inspire, motivate, and teach other wannabe nomads and minimalists to live an alternative lifestyle that is truly rewarding and full of freedom!

  • YouTube Channel
  • Started traveling full-time in 2017 in an RV
  • Traveled in the United States, Canada, and Mexico in the van

My Story

After years of not living out my dream, I finally gathered the courage to set in motion actions that would get me closer to creating stories in my life with no regrets.

My dream was to RV around the country full-time, but I didn't want to wait until I retired to live out this dream.

After years of researching and dreaming, I sold my house and all of the contents and moved into my tiny home on wheels.

I was excited and also full of anxiety.  Here I am, a single woman, deciding to RV full-time.  I don't know anything about RV's.  I don't know how to do maintenance on RVs. There were a zillion questions running through my head.

So I researched and then researched some more all while I was selling all of my worldly possessions in a house that felt claustrophobic with all the “stuff”.

Maybe I don't resonate with the “American Dream” of the big house and all the upkeep of a house.  Sure there's upkeep with the RV, but it's different.  

I felt tethered to the house, where now I move to wherever my tires will travel.

I downsized again into a 20 foot van in 2018 to be more nimble with my travels.

However, I love it!! She's perfect for me. I named her Attraversiamo, or Atti for short, which means to cross over.

Crossing over has been my life. Crossing over challenges, overcoming fears, and pushing through what is considered social norms to accomplish my goals and dreams. I've crossed over into this sweet life of being completely fulfilled and happy with my life and Atti helps to get me there!

Need Some Inspiration In Your Life?

Visit my YouTube channel to see the inspirational travels across North America.

I vulnerable share my ups and downs along the way and also educate wannabe nomads and travelers through my story telling vlogs.

If you're ready to learn from an experienced nomad and want some help getting started on your adventure, then check out my Nomad Mentorship Bootcamp.

We have an incredible community and live video calls each month so you get the attention you need to start traveling full time and realize your dreams!