I am a Story Chaser!

Founder of Story Chasing, perpetual solo traveler, writer, and entrepreneur. I gave up the 9-5 to fulfill a dream of traveling full-time and to document the stories I accumulate along my journey as I meet people on the road while I travel the country.

I'm on a quest to visit all 300 of National Geographic Guide to Scenic Highways and Byways in the United States and document my travels via videography on YouTube and through

My background of 30 years in corporate finance and accounting has allowed me to share my knowledge with wannabe travelers on how to finance a full-time travel lifestyle and start an online business on the road.

Author of RV Expenses & Budgeting Free Mini-course

Why I Started RVing

After years of not living out my dream, I finally gathered the courage to set in motion actions that would get me closer to creating stories in my life with no regrets.

My dream was to RV around the country full-time, but I didn't want to wait until I retired to live out this dream. I'm fortunate that I had a career where I can work remotely, so location was of no concern to the company.  After years of researching and dreaming, I sold my house and all of the contents in it that wouldn't make the cut into the new RV – a 2017 Class C Winnebago Spirit 26 foot.

I was excited and also full of anxiety.  Here I am, a single woman, deciding to RV full-time.  I don't know anything about RV's.  I don't know how to do maintenance on RVs. There were a zillion questions running through my head.

  • What if I get a flat?
  • What if I hate RVing full-time and now I've sold everything?
  • Am I going to be lonely and not be able to socialize?
  • What equipment do you need in an RV?
  • How the heck do you dump the sewer tanks and what's a black tank vs a grey tank and should I get a composting toilet?  I'm pretty sure the thought went through my head just like that.

So I researched and then researched some more all while I was selling all of my worldly possessions.

I already loved it.

The house felt claustrophobic.  It was all the “stuff” making me itchy to leave and downsize.  Maybe I don't resonate with the “American Dream” of the big house and all the upkeep of a house.  Sure there's upkeep with the RV, but it's different.  I felt tethered to the house, where now I move to wherever my tires will travel.

Downsizing Again

After a year of living in my RV I downsized again to a Class B van, a 2018 Hymer Akitv 1.0, so I could be more nimble and get into any parking spot and not worry about clearance levels or weight restrictions.

There was quite a bit of downsizing going from a 26 foot to a 20 foot with no outside storage. However, I love it!! She's perfect for me. I named her Attraversiamo, or Atti for short. My last RV was Liz after the author Elizabeth Gilbert who motivated me to see alternative options to accomplish my dreams. Attraversiamo is from her book, Eat, Pray, Love and in Italian, means to cross over.

Crossing over has been my life. Crossing over challenges, overcoming fears, and pushing through what is considered social norms to accomplish my goals and dreams. I've crossed over into this sweet life of being completely fulfilled and happy with my life and Atti helps to get me there!

What's a Story Chaser?

A Story Chaser is someone who is determined to go after their dreams even when fear and anxiety consume them.  A Story Chaser will overcome those fears and anxiety with each mile they travel, with each experience they encounter, with each person they meet.

A Story Chaser is creating stories.

Stories of their travels.

Collecting stories from people they meet and sharing their dreams and experiences.

These stories fuel even more stories which are collected in video, blog, and in my mind as I live out my dreams now.

I am a Story Chaser and I am happier than I've ever been in my life!

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Tip JarI tell you what, I have the best community! So many incredible individuals who support me in everything I do. I love you all!

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