How to Turn Your Dreams into Reality

I'm sitting here in the Arizona desert writing this and enjoying this beautiful area around me. In the past I’ve mentioned how I’ve manifested all five of my big dreams in five years and then I received so many emails and comments on my blog and YouTube channel asking...

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Southern Oregon Coast Road Trip: Oceanside Boondocking

The Southern Oregon Coast drive was a perfect end to the entire Oregon coast road trip that I started in the latter part of August and ended in September for a total of three weeks. We experienced quite a bit of fog traveling through the southern region of Oregon, so...

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Central Oregon Coast Road Trip: Oceanside Boondocking

While I loved the Northern Oregon Pacific Coast Highway quest drive, so far the Central Oregon Pacific Coast Highway road trip has been my favorite in Oregon that travels between Pacific City to Bandon. It's just different. The topography is changing where there are...

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Northern Oregon Pacific Coast Highway Part II

The best way to describe the Northern Oregon Pacific Coast Highway drive is beaches, sand, and haystack rocks everywhere. That may sound weird to say "beaches everywhere" when you're on a coast, but let me explain. Sometimes coastal areas aren't always accessible and...

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I woke up and decided to sell everything I owned to live out my dream of RVing full-time.

As I fulfill my quest of traveling 300 of the National Geographic Highways & Byways in the USA, I'm creating and collecting stories of a lifetime.

Now I'm a Story Chaser.

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