Exploring Deer Isle Maine RV Quest

I took off for Deer Isle, Maine scenic route on my quest of the National Geographic 300 Scenic Highways & Byways. This was a short scenic drive at 87 miles; however it took almost all day with twists and turns, narrow roads, and looping back on the same road to...

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Vermont To New Hampshire Road Trip Quest

Vermont 22A scenic route was another quick little quest to complete at 41 miles from Vergennes, Vermont to Fairhaven, Vermont. So much of this area is dairy-farming land, with rolling hills, and old architecture with incredible bones and structure. It fascinates me to...

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Lake Champlain Islands Vermont RV Road Trip

I left New York state today after ten days of traveling the Great Lakes Seaway Trail, crossed into Vermont and immediately started the next quest to Lake Champlain Islands in Vermont. As I ventured closer to the Champlain Islands, just below Quebec, Canada that is...

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Wellesley Island Camping Great Lakes Seaway Trail

After leaving in my RV from the Rochester, New York area, where I ran errands for about three days, I continued on the Great Lakes Seaway Trail, destined to do some Wellesley Island camping along the Saint Lawrence River. As I passed through more farm lands, old...

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Fort Niagara on Great Lakes Seaway Trail

While I had a great time in Niagara Falls and exploring the park, it was time to continue on my quest on the Great Lakes Seaway Trail and into Fort Niagara State Park. I'm also considering overnighting in Golden Hill State Park off of Lake Ontario. The state parks...

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Niagara Falls Road Trip Great Lakes Seaway Trail

I finished the Pennsylvania section of the Great Lakes Seaway Trail quickly and was in New York within the hour for my Niagara Falls road trip. Immediately the landscape started to change with wine vineyards on both sides of the road. Looking to the north, my left, I...

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Great Lakes Seaway Trail & Vegan RV Cooking

As soon as the Lake Erie Coastal Ohio trail ended, the Great Lakes Seaway Trail immediately started at the border of Ohio and Pennsylvania. As I traveled into Erie, Pennsylvania, I stumbled upon Presque Isle State Park and ended the evening at a Walmart and settled in...

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Single Woman RV Living – Fears of Full Time RVing

"As a single woman; don't you have fears of full time RVing?" I get asked this question a lot about being afraid to RV by myself as a single woman traveling all over North America. I guess it's understandable that people might ask me this question as women can be...

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RV Stuck in a Ditch on Lake Erie Coastal Trail

Well, I got myself in a bit of a pickle when I got the RV stuck while traveling the Lake Erie Coastal Trail in Ohio. It was a scary moment - nothing that couldn't be fixed, but nonetheless - not ideal. I had left the Maumee State Park around Toledo, Ohio that morning...

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RV Hall of Fame & Amish Cultural Route

Flexibility is the key to full-time RVing - which is what landed me at the RV Hall of Fame in Elkhart, Indiana and starting the Amish Cultural Route (part of the National Geographic 300 Scenic Highways & Byways quest) earlier than anticipated. The trouble is that...

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Monsanto GMO on Lincoln Highway Corn Fields

Lincoln Highway scenic route was a pretty interesting and, at times, just weird historic route. Weird because the reroutes from a main road and through a very small residential area, and then back onto the main road was just weird. However I understand that it was...

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The Great River Road Wisconsin Side

The Great River Road Scenic Highway is quest #9 of 300 of the National Geographic 300 Scenic Highways and Byways. It starts out in Prescott, WI and ends at the Illinois state line by Dubuque, Iowa 249 miles away. When I was in Minnesota, several people mentioned the...

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North Shore Lake Superior & Lighthouses

We're off on an epic adventure today on the North Shore Scenic Drive out of the National Geographic 300 Scenic Higways and Byways. This is #8 of my quest to visit all 300 drives, that has landed me here in Duluth, Minnesota, the starting point for the drive. Lily and...

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I woke up and decided to sell everything I owned to live out my dream of RVing full-time.

As I fulfill my quest of traveling 300 of the National Geographic Highways & Byways in the USA, I'm creating and collecting stories of a lifetime.

Now I'm a Story Chaser.

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