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You all have been hearing me say for months that I really should downsize into a smaller RV considering my travel style and knowing I could downsize more – so I did it – I traded in my 26 foot Class C RV for a much smaller 20 foot Class B Hymer Aktiv 1.0 camper van.

Uh huh – you heard me right – a camper van.

I can hear the gasps now from my non-RV friends who thought moving into a 26 foot RV was – well – crazy. Now she’s in a 20 foot camper van?

One of my dear friends, when I called to tell her the news, thought I would be trading into a bigger RV, like a Class A. I know, it’s a shocker!

Truth is, I didn’t use all the space I had in the 26 foot Winnebago RV and so downsizing, purely from a spacial point of view, seemed perfect.

Then of course there’s the BIG reason I decided to downsize into a camper van, which I’ve been talking about for months in some of my videos, especially when I traveled on the East Coast.

Why I Downsized into a Class B Camper Van

Hymer Aktiv Camper Van New Mexico

Though I just started this journey a year ago, I’ve known for about 7 months that I wanted to downsize. It was either that or buy a tow car, which might have been cheaper, but I really didn’t want to tow a vehicle nor did I want to purchase a trailer.

I needed a solution that provided me with even more freedom to explore.

Hymer Atkiv Camper Van Tour

Getting to know so many other RVers and what solutions they have come up with made the decision easier for me on what I knew would be best for my situation.

Over the winter I met RVers who pulled trailers like the tear drop trailers, Airstreams, casitas, and longer trailers, traveled in camper vans of all sizes, drove Class C RVs like me but towed a vehicle behind, and then there were the big Class A RVs with tow vehicles as well.

Class A was definitely out since it was much bigger than my Class C.

Though I like the idea of pulling a trailer, unhooking and having a vehicle to go explore AND leave my campsite up, I just didn’t want to tow and instead liked the idea of being able to leave quickly and go.

Class C RVs were out since I already had one and the only other option was tow a vehicle. Again, same decision as not wanting to pull a trailer and having to hook and unhook the tow car. I would also lose freedom and flexibility to travel into some of those areas that I really wanted to explore without unhooking and leaving the RV somewhere. Just pulling into a grocery store as is in cumbersome sometimes and my 26 foot is considered smaller by most RV standards.

While all of these options are completely doable and you’re really giving up one thing for another – it’s just a matter of personal preference and the way you want to live and travel.

Lastly, there was the Class B camper vans that provided so many of the things I really wanted and would allow me to have the freedom to travel without restrictions.

Top 10 Reasons I Decided to Downsize into a Camper Van

  • I was looking for something that was easier for me to get into tight spaces.
  • It was either downsize or get a tow car on the Winnebago and I didn't really want to tow so I opted to downsize.
  • When I was traveling on the East Coast, where it's more congested and with more compact spaces and land, I couldn’t explore some of the areas with the size of my 26 foot Winnebago and I really want to explore that area more and not be restricted.
  • Ease of getting around some of the highways, roads, bridges with height restrictions.
  • My quest travel with the National Geographic 300 Scenic Highways & Byways book either states you can't go on those roads at all or highly advise not to in a larger RV. Considering I’m on this major quest to complete all 300, I need something that will allow me the freedom to be more mobile and go anywhere a car can go.
  • Better gas mileage.
  • I didn't need as much space as I had on the Winnebago, like the couch or the bench on the other side of the dinette since I only use the one.
  • More kitchen space. Surprisingly my camper van has more usable space than the Winnebago did.
  • Hymer Aktiv has Voltstart which isn’t a reason for downsizing as much as it was a perk to downsizing.
  • I can take it around those tight corners and not be nervous of the places with no guard rails, like when I was in Lake Tahoe.

The 2018 Hymer Aktiv 1.0 Camper Van Tour

So now after deciding on which camper van to purchase – the Hymer Aktiv 1.0 – I’ve produced a video camper van tour to show you the outside and the inside of the Hymer Aktiv.

When I was down south for the winter I found a dealer in Albuquerque, New Mexico and ended up purchasing from them in May 2018 – just one year after I started this journey.

I still don’t have a name for her, because I love my original name of Liz for my Winnebago. It’s the name of the author, Elizabeth Gilbert, who wrote Eat Pray Love, which completely inspired me to go out and create my own adventurous stories.

I was thinking Liz 2.0, but I dunno. Maybe she needs to have her own identity. Comment below if you have any ideas. I’m looking for something that really speaks to me and symbolizes my journey and the freedom this new camper van provides to me.

YouTube player

A Sneak Peek Inside the Camper Van

Video/Audio/Gear Used

Panasonic Lumix G85 Camera – For most still images and vlogging

Sony Action Cam FDRX3000 – For dash cam and walking/talking video

Joby Gorillapod – Used for holding the cameras as a tripod or mounting to just about anything to capture a shot.

Verizon Data Plan – Best nationwide coverage as of this post while traveling.

Blue Yeti USB Microphone – I use this to do the voiceovers for my videos. It's made such a huge difference in the audio quality of the voiceovers. It's smooth like butter!

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  1. If you’re thinking about naming after another female nomad, look up Rita Golden Gelman. She wrote “Tales of a Female Nomad.”

    However, when you mentioned needing a name, Grace came to mind. When you mention that she fits anywhere and is agile compared to your Class C, the name Grace popped into my head.

    Thanks for sharing your adventures!

  2. Great video Amber. Enjoyed the tour and listening to yor voice and laughter. Great way for me to spend time with you.

    I have put my thinking cap on to help name her. Look forward to the next video

  3. Love your blogs and videos. I am interested to know how to negotiate the price on these vehicles. I have been told by a friend that sells cars that you should offer 30% off sticker price for new vehicles. Does this ring true for you?

    1. Hi Cyndy – Yep that 30% is about top of the line with discounts. I’ll be putting out a video at some point soon as an in depth topic regarding this question. Thank you!

  4. Hello I love your travels. I am female and happily married, My husband and I live in a Rv trailer in the back yard of my Mother-in-laws property,we have lived here for 6 yrs now. We plan on moving to a year round RV park in October. I enjoy watching you young single lady nomads traveling all over the 🌎. Thank you for sharing your life with me.I am a non-traveling nomad at heart. My name is sherry I’m 62 yrs young lol, maybe someday my husband and I can live this dream also. Thanks for listening. keep up your good wonderful storychasing life. 😃 I’ll be watching.😊

    1. Sherry I love your comment “non-traveling nomad!” Hey we all can dream and hopefully one day take action when it’s your best time to do so. I’m glad my journeys are providing some entertainment until you get out there too!!! Best wishes!

  5. Dodge split off their truck division to the Ram name in 2009. Please don’t call it a Dodge Ram as their marketing department is spending millions of dollars to get the Ram name out there. Calling it a Dodge Ram is now like saying you have a Buick Chevy.

  6. Truthfully I thought anyone who chose to live full-time in a camper van had lost every single one of their marbles….until I watched your video! I was considering the Class C with a tow vehicle option and hadn’t spent much time thinking about the mobility and versatility of that setup. Plus, the vans are much nicer inside than I’d imagined! Thanks for making such an in-depth video.

    1. LOL…Crystal. It’s possibly debatable on whether I’ve lost my marbles for sure! There’s nothing wrong with Class C’s, I had one, but just found the smaller camper vans were more my style. I just love I can go anywhere with my van now and no longer worry about size restrictions. It’s been a huge relief and I have much more freedom now.

  7. Thanks for taking the time to put out such a thorough walk-through. There aren’t any for sale in my immediate area, and this is definitely “the next best thing to being there!” I’ve watched several videos on the this model, but I still learned a lot from watching yours, because you went into more detail. Hope you and your pup are still out there enjoying van life! (Or, if not, that you’re enjoying whatever you’re up to now. 🙂

  8. Hi Amber , I have looked at Hymers also so am familiar with them. Interesting tho that you commented on how the shower doesn’t work great and it is a small space and the front window handle doesn’t work . For the price of a Hymer ( $$$$) these details should have been taken care of . But I am glad you like it and love the life . I am getting a class B PleasureWay – much less ($$) and actually with more open space and a more convenient bathroom. Just a suggestion on the video ……… was too close to everything and hard at times to clearly see things. Enjoy your travels .

  9. Do you have the EcoTrek 400 lithium system, or AGMs powering your van? I am looking into buying an Aktiv and was considering staying away from their lithium system. If AGM, does it provide you enough power daily?

  10. How about naming your van Vanessa? Unless you’ve already picked a name.
    Are you still living in the van?

    I enjoyed your post. After travelling the east coast in a 31ft class c motorhome with a tow vehicle I think a van will be better. It is nice to buzz around in my tow vehicle but from a safety perspective for a solo woman, a van makes boondocking easier. I’ve had to stay in RV parks with the motorhome which is really expensive.

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