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Cape Neddick Maine Sightseeing on the Coast & Reid State Park

I made it to Maine!!! That really sums up how I feel – exclamation points and all! I can hardly contain my excitement! I’ve wanted to explore Maine for so many years and now I'm here for some Maine sightseeing at Cape Neddick in York, Maine and also Reid State Park in Georgetown, Maine.

Maine SightseeingAfter leaving Portsmouth, New Hampshire, I immediately crossed over the bridge into Maine.

Although it was a mad frenzy at the Maine Visitor Center, things seemed to get better as I moved further east.

It was crazy town on the freeway with people cutting each other off, speeding and then slamming on their brakes in front of me.

The Maine visitor center was no less as crazy. You’d think we were having our last meal at a buffet – you know what I’m talking about don’t you? When you go to buffets people act like they will never eat again.

Imagine that on the freeway and in the visitor center. I’m just as anxious to see Maine, but let’s show some kindness people.

I have noticed that I get more anxious when it’s more highly populated areas, especially with the size of my RV and in the smaller towns. Many places on the East Coast are more compact so I just try to be more patient and careful.

It’s time to relax and enjoy Maine sightseeing now.

Maine Sightseeing Tour along the East Coast

Over the next two days Lily and I, and Liz (my RV) of course, are exploring some towns, beaches, and lighthouses from Portland, Maine to Rockland, Maine.

You'll see in the upcoming posts and videos how I have a plan to move along the East Coast of Maine and travel into Canada and then back down through Northern Maine. Stay tuned.

Maine Sightseeing Tour

Cape Neddick Beach

The first stop upon entering Maine, besides the visitor center to get a Cape Neddick Maine map – the actual Cape Neddick in York, Maine for some relaxation by the light house and ocean water.

As I pulled into the town of York, I immediately was met with a swarm of tourists visiting the local shops which aren't far from the lighthouse.

In my research planning for Cape Neddick, I knew the chances of getting a parking space might be slim, especially with leaving later than I had wanted, but still, I was sending lots of positive thoughts that I would have this amazing space to park, especially with the RV.

Parking at Cape Neddick

I scoped out the parking situation at the lighthouse on Google maps to make sure the RV could fit, but with all of these people there might not be a spot.

My positive thinking went into action and I just kept saying that space will be available somehow someway and guess what?

There was this nice, giant spot for me to park in that was absolutely perfect! I love it when positive thoughts win over the situation.

Cape Neddick Parking

Lobster Roll Review at Fox’s Lobster House

Literally right next to Cape Neddick beach area – and the parking lot – is Fox’s Lobster House. It’s supposed to be famous for its lobster rolls.

Fox's Lobster House

So Lily and I headed to the little outside bistro area and ordered from the counter my first lobster roll.

Fox's Lobster House Cape Neddick

Okay, so yes, I'm whole food, plant-based – or vegan if that's more easily identifiable – however I do from time to time eat fish if there is a lack of vegan options. Most of the time I can find vegan options; however I cannot come to Maine and not eat lobster!

The lobster roll was pretty good, but not up to all the hype I heard about with lobster rolls, so of course I decided I must try another lobster roll somewhere else to hopefully give this “lobster roll hype” some ground to stand on.

The Fox’s Lobster roll was a bit mayonnaise-y and not very flavorful. This may just be that my taste buds have changed so much, but we’ll see.

Injured Seal at Cape Neddick Beach

It was a glorious day, resting on the rocks, looking out into the arctic Atlantic Ocean, feeling the sun on my skin and enjoying this incredible area – until – I heard a bunch of chaos around this particular rocky area.

Cape Neddick Beach

There was a seal laying on the rocks with several people around it. It appeared that the seal had possibly been struck motor blades from a boat, because it had a gash in its side and was bleeding.

Thankfully these kind-hearted people had taken pictures and immediately called wildlife rescue to help this poor little seal.

Soon after, wildlife rescue showed up to ask people to move away from the seal so as to not stress it out and to let everyone know they still were waiting for the actual rescue team who were incoming.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to find out the outcome of the seal, since my RV was in the direct spot were the rescue team needed to park, so I had to move along.

I just hope they got there in time to help this sweet creature and save its life.

After lollygagging around Cape Neddick on the rocks and gazing at the ocean for several hours, and also working some more before leaving the beach; it was time to head out for some more Maine sightseeing along the coast and then to overnight at Walmart.

Maine Sightseeing at Reid State Park

The next day, I left early that morning to do some more Maine sightseeing at Reid State Park in Georgetown, Maine.

Upon pulling up to the ranger station, she let me know the green flies were pretty bad and swarming around the cars and people and to make sure to wear bug spray.

Eek, bug spray.

I won’t wear the toxic stuff, but I’ll use my essential oils to keep away mosquitos, ticks, and fleas off of Lily and I; however I have no idea if it will ward off green flies. I’ve never encountered green flies and apparently these suckers bite. Let's just hope the essential oils work and those green flies stay away.

Reid State Park Beach

Luckily the green flies were warded off and we didn't encounter any bites.

Dogs at Reid State Park

Also the ranger told me that dogs are prohibited from walking on the beaches, but she said it was okay if Lily walked on the big rocks and boulders.

Amber at Reid State Park

Well, that’s just no fun. Lily loves the sand. It’s truly her happy place. She loves to run and twirl around in it and then run some more.

I just love watching her and laugh out loud watching her. She was having a good ole time when we were at the beach in Wellesley Island State Park.

It’s too bad she can’t play in it again.

Meditating on the Rocks

We hung out on the big boulders and watch the waves crash against the rocks.

I sat there for a while doing some deep breathing and meditating as the water rolled back and forth. I could smell the ocean water in the air and hear the birds flying and squawking from up high.

Reid State Park Overlook

Reid State Park Overlook Beach

This is a beautiful life to me. I didn’t grow up around the water, or mountains, or very much nature like what you see in coastal Maine. Maybe that’s why I have such a deep appreciation for this kind of beauty.

It makes me feel so alive.

My senses are on high alert and I feel so happy and fortunate to finally see Maine and experience her beauty.

The water, the birds singing, the sailboats sailing. I’m alive and fulfilling a dream by RVing full-time and seeing this beautiful state.

This life didn’t happen by accident. I actively created it, but first I had to go through some things to make way for this abundance and beauty.

Walmart Boondocking in Maine

After escaping the green flies and meditating at Reid State Park, we then headed out towards Rockford, Maine to overnight at Walmart before leaving the next day to our next quest adventure in Maine on Deer Island.

There’s not any free BLM out here in Maine, but thankfully there are some Walmarts close enough to the east side of Maine that I can stay at as I move each day.

I don’t mind staying at Walmart dry camping overnight seeing that I’m just sleeping there and leaving the next day. It makes for a great stopover.

Have you been to Maine? Tell me what you like the most and where can I go next when I head back?


Overnights & Places Visited


  • Walmart in Biddeford and Rockland, Maine / $0 Cost

Places Visited/Cost for Maine Sightseeing:

  • Cape Neddick Beach / $0
  • Fox's Lobster House / $25 for meal which can vary depending on what you order
  • Reid State Park / $8 for non-residents or $6 for residents

RV Accessibility:

  • Cape Neddick is tight so at 26 feet on my RV that's about all that could park there, but it's better if you have a car.
  • Reid State Park will accommodate any size RV

Cell Phone Signal Strength:  2-4 bars at most places

Park Pass:  N/A

Video/Audio/Gear Used

Panasonic Lumix G85 Camera – For most still images and vlogging

Sony Action Cam FDRX3000 – For dash cam and walking/talking video

Joby Gorillapod – Used for holding the cameras as a tripod or mounting to just about anything to capture a shot.

AllStays app – Use on phone or desktop for finding gas stations, RV parks, campgrounds, propane, and more on your travel route.

Verizon Data Plan – Best nationwide coverage as of this post while traveling.