As I wrap up the year and enter 2021 I find myself thinking about happiness more and more and how owning less makes me happier.

I started this journey of Story Chasing by traveling full time to gather more moments of deliberate happiness.

This is what makes me happy – living with less and traveling. This is my dream. Yours can be something entirely different.

The one thing that I believe any of us can do – no matter what path you are on for creating more happiness is to live with less and adopt a more minimalist lifestyle.

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My First Introduction to Downsizing

It all started when I downsized my living space when I moved to downtown Seattle in 2014 and into a 480 sq foot apartment. I got rid of the excess and only kept what I really needed to live, like a bed, a couch, a desk to work from, and all the bathroom, kitchen, and clothing essentials. I even downsized decorations so that I wasn’t moving things around all the time to clean and dust.

The freedom of owning less and living more simply in a minimalist life was thrilling. I had this feeling of abundance and peace that I don’t think I had ever felt before.

Gone were the days of Amazon packages showing up at my door on a daily basis – I mean where would I put the stuff?

It was so freeing.

I loved the smallness of the space and how simple it was.

At the time, I had no idea that I could go even smaller with my downsizing and minimalist lifestyle.

Next Steps to Even More Downsizing

Fast forward to 2017 when I bought an RV and set out on the road – I again felt this complete sense of freedom, calm, and extreme happiness.

I realize the thought of downsizing so much can be challenging to our minds, but once you start – it becomes addictive because you start to live without the clutter that causes stress and anxiety and sometimes even more money to maintain.

I began to shift my focus from acquiring things to focusing on relationships, self care, exploring lands, and enjoying the beauty around me.

My mind began to get clearer as if the physical stuff had been taking up space in my head.


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Living as a Nomad

The clutter was replaced with moments. With stories. Stories of traveling. Stories of people I met on the road. Stories of hiking, biking, motorcycling, whale watching, and so much more.

I got off the hamster wheel of buying stuff and instead traded it in for living in a van that’s 20 feet long and about 80 sq feet. This van is my mode of travel.

It’s the only thing I own in this world along with the contents inside. It feels good to me knowing that my little van, my home on wheels, allows me to shift my focus to creating more stories.

This may seem like extreme minimalism to some, but you don’t have to go this extreme. This is how I chose to declutter, downsize, and live a happier life. You can start to downsize and declutter in your own space now. What are you hanging on to that doesn’t serve you or add any value to your life. Even more important, what are you keeping around that is toxic to your life and doesn’t provide space for you to live a happier, more fulfilled life?

Simple living and owning less is what makes me happier. Leave me a comment below and tell me at least 2 things you can do this month to declutter and simplify your surroundings and your life.



  1. David B Murling

    Go through my kitchen cupboards and get rid of the things in them that I don't use or really need. Also, I could go through my clothes and get rid of or donate items I haven't worn in a long time.

  2. Oscar Leonardo Camacho

    Hola Soy de Argentina… me ancanta lo que haces y tu estilo de vida… mas adelante te pediré consejos

  3. Michelle Renae Soleil

    I'm slowly working towards the nomad life. I put all of the books I wanted to part with on a table outside my home with a “FREE BOOKS” sign. I was able to share 90% and the rest went to Good Will. Started a pile with clothes that I haven't fit into in a while and the next are collectables.

    What did you do with personal photos and keepsakes?


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