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How to Turn Your Dreams into Reality

How To Turn Your Dreams Into Reality Story ChasingI'm sitting here in the Arizona desert writing this and enjoying this beautiful area around me.

In the past I’ve mentioned how I’ve manifested all five of my big dreams in five years and then I received so many emails and comments on my blog and YouTube channel asking how I did.

So today I’m going to show you how to turn your dreams into reality.

This is absolutely one of my favorite subjects. It changed my life!

I accomplished all five of my biggest dreams in five years and I couldn't believe it even when it was happening before my very eyes.

I learned how to do this one technique that will hopefully change your life too.

So grab a pen, grab a piece of paper or your iPad, or whatever you use to write things down. And don't forget your coffee if you're a coffee drinker and let's get started.

How Can a Dream Become a Reality

Dreams can become reality through a systematic approach called the Create. Do. Live. Principle. This principle will help you achieve you dreams by creating an action plan that leads to manifesting your all-time big dreams.

Sound too good to be true?

Let me explain….

There was a time in my life back in 2013 where I had moved from Seattle, Washington to Scottsdale, Arizona, and it was for a new job. During that time, I was going through some difficulties with my weight and a little bit of depression, because I'd lost so much weight but then started to regain it.

I ended up hiring a holistic health coach. Interestingly during our session, this holistic health coach asked me:

“Amber, if you could have anything you wanted create your life, what do you want? Give me five things.”

Little did I know that one question would literally change the trajectory of my life.

My Five Big Dreams

My five dreams were:

  • I wanted to move back to Seattle because I had created a really good life there and I had family and friends there that I really missed. At the time I hated the desert. So I wanted to move back to Seattle.
  • I wanted to purchase my own home.
  • I wanted to work remotely.
  • I wanted to travel full time.
  • I wanted to start my own business.

At the time I was thinking, these are just lofty dreams. I had no idea how these dreams would happen. I didn't think it was going to happen, but she really encouraged me to visualize those five dreams.

When I thought of the dreams I went through this whole scenario of visualization and manifestation and I truly believed it would come to fruition – still not knowing how.

I was amazed at how things started to change in my life.

Manifestation of My Dreams were Realized

The first thing that happened was I moved back to Seattle which was incredibly exciting for me. The second dream that became reality was that I was now working remotely for the same company in Scottsdale, Arizona.

I had no idea that I would still be able to keep my job and move, but it happened in an unexpected way.

The third dream that became a reality was purchasing a new home. I was renting at the time when I moved back to Seattle and then I bought a house up about an hour North of Seattle.

Little did I know that I'd only be in that house for a year before I started to travel full time which leads me to the fourth big dream.

I bought an RV, I sold everything that I owned in 2017 and started traveling full-time.

Lastly, I started my business about a year after I went RVing which was this accidental business of YouTube and courses for nomads. I always call it an accidental business because I had no design to start a YouTube business, but it just kind of happened. That is a story for another day.

I started that visualization in 2013 and announced what my dreams were. Then by 2017 I was RVing full time. And then by 2018 I had quit my job and started my own business. So, in the course of five years, I realized all five of my dreams.

Now, I will tell you in my entire life, this has never happened to me, but I figured out the secret to manifesting my dreams.

I created this principle off of that secret called the Create. Do. Live. Principle. It's about how to teach this same manifestation technique to other people.

How to Manifest Your Dreams

Dream Big and Vividly

One of the things that I want to teach you today is how to take your dreams from a dream state to a reality state.

Should Dreams be Realistic or Can It Be Unrealistic

Dreams aren’t meant to be realistic necessarily or else it wouldn’t be a dream. It might seem unattainable, but I don’t want you to be concerned with that right now.

When I say to dream big, I’m not talking about winning the lottery or anything like that. I'm talking about things that you genuinely want to have happen in your life that can come to fruition. You may not know the steps in between to get there. You may not know how it's going to happen, but it can.

Writing Down Your Dreams

Remember that paper or iPad I asked you to get out? Grab it.

I want you to write down your dreams.

It’s important that you don’t skip this step. Writing your thoughts down not only allows you to reference it later, but it acts as way of putting your thoughts into existence by the simple act of pen to paper.

Dream big.

Write down your top 5 big dreams you want in your life.

Now keep this handy because we’re going to reference it again in a moment.

Create Phase

You're probably wondering now – exactly how do you implement this Create. Do. Live. Principle.

So the Create Phase is kind of what it suggests. You're taking your dream from a dream state to a vision and then setting a goal.

As I was saying before, dreams can seem a little bit lofty right? It's a dream. It's kind of just out there in thin air. There's no real structure to it. It's just something that you're thinking about.

Dream vs a Vision vs a Goal

When you take a dream to a vision and you start to actually visualize it the pieces begin to come together.

You start envisioning yourself stepping into that dream.

For example, when I was thinking about traveling full time, I would think about myself being in an RV and traveling across the country and literally being behind the wheel. I really wanted to manifest this Hymer van and so I got a white Hymer van picture and I stuck a photo of myself in the driver's seat and I put that on my wall. I could visualize myself in that Hymer and traveling full time not only in my head but now I could actually see it on my wall each day.

You’ve now taken it from a dream state to the vision state. This vision state is the “intention” to manifest.

You're constantly thinking about the vision and what your life will be like when that happens. If you can get yourself to a state of visualizing yourself, not only from a state of it's going to be happening, but that it has already happened and connect those emotions and feelings that you would have if it had already happened together as you visualize well – you're a thousand steps ahead of the game if you can do that.

Then you take it from visualization to goal.

Part of the Create Phase is putting together your action plan that gets you to your goals.

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Why Do You Want This Dream?

The other important thing about thinking about your goals, your dreams, your visualization is why this dream is important to you.

Ask yourself that question. Why?

Why do you want this thing to become a reality?

For me it was traveling – I wanted the freedom. That was my why. I wanted to be stripped away and live more minimalistic. I didn't want to be in this vicious circle of buying things for my house and having to be tied 24/7 since I worked remotely in it and the weekends consumed my time with house maintenance.

Even though my goal, my dream, had been to purchase a house, it was the first house I'd ever purchased. I wanted that experience. At the time I had no idea what that I was going to be traveling full time.

I wanted the freedom to be away from all that and not be tied down to a specific spot. I always wanted to take road trips and travel full time and be in an RV and travel internationally eventually, but I wanted my house to be there with me as well.

RVing was just a natural step for me.

Your step, if you want to travel full time may be to travel internationally and go to Airbnb or hostels or do RVing part of the year and traveling abroad part of the year.

It's whatever your dream is. Your dream does not have to be my dream of RVing.

When I asked myself the question, “Why do I want to travel full time?”, I said “Because I want more freedom.”

Well why do I want more freedom? Because I was tied down to this house and I didn't want to be stuck in the house all the time.

So why did I not want to be stuck in the house all the time? Because I wanted to go and explore lands and be able to have more memories and not live with regrets and create more stories in my life.

Why do I want to create more stories in my life? Because I don't want to get to the time of my life when I'm either sick or retired and I can't do the things that I want because my body doesn't allow me to do it. Maybe I don't ever get to retirement. I don't know what life holds for me.

I wanted to make sure that I lived my dreams now. Those are all my why's.

You can ask yourself why to every answer that you give yourself to the why question. I hope that makes sense.

Planning and Researching Your Dream

In the Create Phase, you've already written down what your dream is, what your visualization is, what your goals are, and you've written down your why.

You’ll want to use this process for all of your dreams.

The next part of the Create Phase is planning and researching how to get to that goal.

It’s time to being determining what your next steps are will be in this create phase.

You’ll want to start your research, if needed, to get answers to some of your questions before you put concrete actions into your plan.

Finding a Mentor & Support is Crucial

It's great to find support to help you research this dream and bring it into reality. One of the things that you can do is find a like-minded community.

Finding a like-minded community of people that can help you with your planning and your research is so helpful when they are on a similar path as you.

That kind of motivation and inspiration just really helps propel you and keeps you on track.

The other thing that you can do is find a mentor. Find somebody who has had the experiences for the dreams that you want to become a reality.

When I started out visualizing my dream, and putting my goals together and researching, I didn't have anybody who could actually help me and mentor me through the process. I had to do a lot of research on my own for about five years, on and off obviously, but I was doing research for that five-year time span to figure out how to travel full time in an RV.

I had never actually RV’d before I decided to RV, but I knew that I would love it because I loved road trips.

Finding that like-minded community, finding yourself a mentor, and then you can start actually putting the steps together for your goals.

The Do Phase

The next phase is the Do Phase where you take your plan that you've created and actually implement it.

Now this phase which can be simple or it can be difficult for some people.

You've planned everything out. Some people are planners. They love to plan and they love to get it all down on paper, but they never follow through with it.


Because some people think that in order to create change in their life they have to make these huge, big leaps.

Everything that they do, every action that they take has to be huge and gigantic and that's going to get them to their goal.

The truth is – that rarely ever works.

Small Consistent Steps Wins

What does work is taking small, consistent steps. I call them baby steps, and what that looks like is – every single day you're going to take some action that will get you to one of your goals.

You could working on all of your goals at the same time or one goal at a time. It’s your choice. You’re designing your life.

The point is that you need to take small, consistent actions on a daily basis, and that is what is going to get you to your goal. It's going to make sure that you actually accomplish it.

Throughout the Do Phase you're still visualizing your dream, you're still acting as if it has already happened, and attaching those emotions to it that will help get you to your goal.

Believe in Yourself

The other thing that can be very difficult for people in the Do Phase, is to believe in yourself. Now, it may be hard to believe in yourself when you're not even sure how this dream is going to come to fruition.

You've put some goals down but maybe your goals aren't super concrete because you still don't really know all the steps in the process. However, what will happen is through your visualization, through continually thinking about what you want to have happen the universe is going to give it to you.

Things will start to come to you about how you need to put this process in place. You'll start getting the steps in your head even though, again, you had no idea how it can happen.

Idea are going to start coming to you that will allow you to put the steps in place for your goal. Again, it's idea that you might not have ever considered. You need to be open to every possibility out there even though you may not know that possibility even exists.

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The Live Phase

We've gone through the Create Phase of putting your plan together. We've gone through the Do Phase of actually implementing your plan and taking consistent action every single day.

Now it's the Live Phase.

Why is this phase important?

Well, this phase is kind of the juice. It's the reward of getting through the Create. Do. Live. process and your dream has now become a reality.

I want to recognize this Live Phase and recognize you for getting to this point of the Create. Do. Live.  Principle and realizing your dreams. It's actively happening in your life.

This is the part where you get to live out that dream and you get to relish in it.

Why Gratitude is So Important

One of the most important things that I believe you can do is to express gratitude. Gratitude is one of the things that actually allows you to accomplish even more.

It’s expressing thanks.

It’s expressing your appreciation to universe/God

It’s expressing gratitude to the people in your life that helped you get there and to yourself for being able to accomplish this goal.

Gratitude is something that is very, very positive. Focusing on the positive aspects of life and focusing on the positive things that are happening in your life is what is going to allow you to accomplish your dreams.

Even in the Create Phase and even in the Do Phase, you’ll want to continually express gratitude every step of the way, even if that thing hasn't happened.

When I was looking at traveling full time and wanted that dream to be my reality, I kept saying, “I'm so thankful for being able to travel full time. I feel so amazing. I am getting that freedom that I really want.”

When you continually express gratitude through every single phase, you're focusing on the positive and I truly believe what you focus on is what you're going to get.

This positive focus is a huge mind shift from dwelling on the negative and focusing on the positives to turn your dreams into reality.

If you're focusing on people and gossip and things like that, then you're not going to get the things that you want in life. Focusing on things that are positive and focusing on things that are going to provide more dreams into reality for you, it's where it's all at.

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Decide and Get Started Today

Deciding to change your life and design it can be a hard step, but I think once you make that decision you’ve tackled the biggest hurdle – deciding.

After that it’s putting the steps into motion and following through each day.

I want you to think about how this can change your life for the better. If all your dreams came true – how would you feel? Really think about that!

Ignore the People Who PooPoo on Your Dreams

If you decide to tell people your dreams – I think it’s amazing and just makes it that more real. My only word of caution is to be careful who you tell and don’t listen to the people who are negative and don’t believe you can do it.

The only person that counts in this scenario is YOU. You have to believe that you can, therefore you will.

If somebody in your life tends to be negative in general, maybe you keep these dreams to yourself and protect and guard them.

I can’t wait to see what you do!!!

Make sure you get your free PDF cheatsheet so you can keep it on your phone and remind you of all the steps to turn your dreams into reality – from a dream to a vision to a goal to an action plan and into reality.

I’d love to hear what your dreams and what you want to accomplish. Leave me a comment below so we can continue this conversation.


Rachel R. Rozell

Wednesday 17th of March 2021

Thank you so much for your inspiration! I appreciate all the things you are willing to share with strangers. I just wrote my five in my journal!

Suzanne Toner

Tuesday 25th of August 2020

Amber I literally was so inspired by your you tube that I came up with a unique Van life job that Will be amazing to make a reality. The name of my business came to me in a flash and just as quickly the concept rolled out in my head. I am soo excited. I have been telling friends for a while now that I wanted to experience van life. I want to thank you so much. I have that excited feeling that I used to get when I was a kid before Christmas. Your show was a gift. Wishing you mush happiness.


Sunday 12th of January 2020

Glad to hear that other RVers are using LOA techniques and have made great progress on those dreams. To overcome the daily stresses and unexpected circumstances is truly a lofty goal & accomplishment!