Keep Us On the Road

I'm so grateful to everyone who has reached out asking how you can support my work and the message of Story Chasing and pushed me (okay nudged me) to create some of these side businesses. There's no pressure to support us whatsoever, but this page was created for those who are interested in all the areas that help to keep me and Lily (the Story Chasing crew) on the road, making videos for you all, and content that hopefully inspires, motivates, and entertains you (at the very least).


Patreon Memberships

Think of Patreon membership like a community club of sorts. In exchange for you joining the community, you get extra perks like:

  • Exclusive updates
  • Behind the scenes
  • Early release of videos “ads-free”
  • Live streams for members only
  • …. and more

Amazon Store

Here you'll find all the gear, camping equipment, kitchen supplies, camera gear, and more that I use and recommend. There's no extra charge for you to purchase, but I get a small fee if you do buy my recommended gear.

Online Courses

If you've ever wanted to be a full-time nomad, but you're not sure how to get started or you want to really have a community to help you in the process, then check out my Nomad Mentorship Bootcamp where I mentor you through the entire process along with our community of like-minded students, and live video call monthly.


I have an entire line of shirts, hoodies, stickers, sweat shirts, pillows, and more that you all so graciously nudged me to create. It was a long time coming since I wanted to make sure we had the best quality with shirts that are soft and feel good on your skin.

brands I use & Recommend


I've been using this AT&T data plan since 2018 before I ever partnered up with Reliable Internet and can say it's one of the best I've ever had and truly unlimited, no throttles, no caps and no contracts!

I use it daily to upload videos, stream movies and content, and run my entire online business. I've negotiated an exclusive rate for Story Chasing viewers as well!


Xscapers is an RV travel club for like-minded nomads like you and me who desire to have community on the road. There's meet-ups called convergences where you can get to know other RVers and even find friends there who you can travel with on the road.

Plus if you're an Xscaper you get all kinds of access to discounts, travel clubs, mail forwarding, roadside assistance, health insurance, education and so, so, so much more!


Harvest Host for wineries, farms, museums, golf resorts, and more to stay at when you're traveling on the road in your RV. You'll meet some really cool people, get to know the locals, and stay and some unique and beautiful spots around the country.


Maybe you don't want to join anything or buy anything and just want to give in order to help support the Story Chasing dream. I can't tell you how honored I am to receive this kind of selfless support! Thank you! So many of you have given each month and I really appreciate your kindness.