Founder of Story Chasing, perpetual solo traveler, digital nomad, writer, and entrepreneur. Amber gave up the 9-5 to fulfill a dream of traveling full-time and create her own stories. She's the creator of the popular  YouTube channel Story Chasing, the founder of the website, and creator and instructor of the Nomad Mentorship Bootcamp. Her background of 30 years in corporate finance and accounting has allowed her to share her knowledge with wannabe travelers on how to finance a full-time travel lifestyle and start an online business on the road.



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Story Chasing, on all social media platforms, strives to educate, inspire, and motivate on how to live a non-traditional, minimialist life, while pursuing your life long dreams, getting rid of the clutter, living more simple, and gaining a life full of moments and stories before the traditional age of retirement.

Amber is available for interviews to discuss any of the following broad topics:

  • Budgeting for full-time travel
  • Minimialist Living
  • Tiny Living
  • Van life
  • RVing
  • Transitioning in nomad life
  • Digital Nomad challenges
  • YouTube
  • Starting your own business
  • Making money online
  • Financing a full-time travel life



BBC Mundo

After the incredible attention of the movie “Nomadland”, Beatriz Díez from BBC Mundo, reached out to me to discuss a different angle of RV life, which is why some of us choose this lifestyle as a full-time nomad. Turns out Beatriz had seen my videos on my YouTube channel and was very curious. She interviewed me along with Bob Wells from Cheap RV Living, who was featured in the Nomadland, to show the balance of the two different types of nomads in this community.

Health Magazine

I was so excited back in the early fall of 2020 when Health Magazine approached me for their January/February 2021 issue dubbed “The Change Issue”. The article they featured me in is all about making a meaningful change in your life and creating an incredible transformation. I feel so honored to have been chosen amongst 2 other women – one went from human resources to making wine, and the other a mental health activist who created People of Color & Mental Illness Photo Project. 


Andrew Zaleski from Curbed reached out to me a couple of months after COVID hit hard in the United States to discuss the topic of how life has changed traveling in a van and being a good neighbor. As a full-time traveling nomad, life has certainly changed and we had to adapt during this time to social distancing.


Recently I got the chance to share my story with Megan from Curbed about living in a camper van with the COVID-19 outbreak. There are several other vanlifers as well who share their story on how we're coping and what we're doing with closures, travel, and living on the road.


In Bustle's article you'll learn from Amber and 10 others about how travel can help with mental health, from stress, anxiety, complications with diabetes, and more.


In Natalie Lusinski's piece on Business Insider, you'll learn from Amber and others about the challenges to working remotely and how to overcome those challenges.


Gander Outdoors featured Story Chasing as #9 out of 15 YouTube channels to educate, entertain, and inspire.


You can overcome your fears. The Wayward Home interviewed Amber about the challenges with solo travel, how she overcame her fears, and making money on the road.


Amber was a guest speaker at the 2018 online educational event with Full-Time Freedom Week. She produced a video for the educational content site featuring the highly popular topic of solo travel in a van.


As part of a series of Ms Miss Mrs in a Mobile Home, McGovern's RV interviewed Amber about traveling as a solo female, full-time in her Class B van and how she makes money on the road working remotely.


Tim Schmoyer of Video Creators featured Story Chasing as one of the YouTube Creators to give advice on top tips, ideas, and advice on growing a YouTube audience and increasing subscriber growth.

30 & A WAKE UP

Kevin Martin featured Story Chasing as one of the top travel vlogging channels to watch on his awesome travel channel, 30 and a Wake Up.


Amber teamed up with Xscapers to help other RVers to know key budgeting strategies so they can stay on the road as long as possible without worrying about finances.

30 & A WAKE UP

Kevin Martin from the popular YouTube channel 30 and a Wake Up featured a van tour of Amber's Hymer Aktiv van and living full-time in a van.


A super amazing couple, Jimmy & Amanda from Chubby & Away, interviewed Amber on their popular travel YouTube channel. Amber shared the challenges, the advantages, and loads of advice for wannabe travelers, about traveling solo and full-time RV life.


Joni from the incredible YouTube channel The Galavan took her viewers on a van tour of Amber's Hymer Aktiv van on the Ram Promaster 2500 chassis to show her viewers what van life is like in a tiny home on wheels.


Jimmy & Amanda from Chubby & Away interviewed Amber for their podcast series on The Pudgecast. I shared with listeners how I was burned out at the 9-5 corporate America job and regained my freedom through full-time travel and starting my own digital nomad business to inspire, educate, and motivate others to lead a minimialist life.