Garmin RV GPS Navigator

I’ve used the Garmin RV GPS since I first hit the road to help me navigate in areas where my RV might be either too high or too wide or too long.

Since I’m traveling solo, this GPS has saved me so many times from traveling through areas where I might not have been able to travel due to the restrictions of the RV.

Solid GPS, reliable, and even has data about services in the next exit, (see more in the full review below), elevation changes on route, speed limit in that area, and more.


  • Garmin RV 770 LMT-S GPS Navigator
  • Charging cord
  • Dashboard Mount

*See full review below.




Garmin RV GPS Review

One of the reasons I love this Garmin RV GPS so much is that it routes me around areas that I would have issues navigating through due to restrictions of my RV; for example navigating me around bridges that are too low with the height of my RV or down streets where my RV is too heavy and there are load restrictions on that road.

You can see by the pictures above where you can enter your RV dimensions so the Garmin RV GPS can navigate you appropriately.

Also, I love that it shows the elevation changes on your route so you can be prepared during your travels for various fluctuations. I also like that it will tell me what’s coming up next on an exit for specific things I’ve typed in that I want to see; like rest areas, gas stations, RV repair shops, etc.

Even with my new camper van, I still use it even though I don’t have those restrictions anymore.

Also it’s great to have when you go out of country and your data coverage is capped; like mine at .5 gigs per day. I’ll blow through that quickly using Google Maps, so the Garmin RV GPS works like a champ!