Instant Pot LUX Mini 3 Quart

The Instant Pot is almost the only appliance I use to cook food in my camper van just because it's so versatile and it's easy clean-up. I can make all kinds of meals from soup, steamed vegetables, one pot meals, potatoes to either mash or cut up for vegan bowls, steel cut oats, and so much more.


  • Great for singles and up to 3 individuals
  • Instant Pot Lux Mini, 3 quarts has 6 functions in 1 including: a pressure cooker for quick meals, a slow cooker for cooking all day, replaces a rice cooker, you can saute vegetables prior to using the slow or pressure cooker, a steamer for vegetables and a warmer.
  • Ideal for RVers, camping, sailing, traveling.
  • 10 smart buttons



Instant Pot Mini Review:

Another favorite of mine is the Instant Pot. I've owned one for about 6 years now and recently gave my large one away and downsized to this mini when I moved into my camper van. It's almost the only appliance I use for cooking and I love the way it cleans up.

Reasons I love my Instant Pot:

  • Uses less energy. Once it gets up to pressure, it uses barely any energy until the cooking cycle is complete. So this works fantastic since I live off of solar energy in my camper van and less of a drain on the batteries.
  • Easy to clean when complete since it's just the one pot.
  • Food tastes really great in the pressure cooker which seems to infuse the food inside.
  • I love to make one pot meals of rice and veggies or a soup so it's less work and again, less clean-up.
  • Makes quick work of cooking steel cut oats in the morning for breakfast.

Do you need any more reasons? I'm sure I could come up with more but suffice to say. I love my Instant Pot!!