Road Trip Maine’s Big Sur East Coast


Road Trip Big Sur of MaineI wasn't sure if I would venture out so soon from my trip at Mt Desert Island, Maine for the “Big Sur” of Maine scenic route to the Easternmost point of Maine.

We packed in quiet a lot of adventure in three days so I was tired and I'm behind on editing videos. As of this moment, my posted videos show I'm in Yellowstone National Park, but here I am in Maine, almost two months later.

With the task of figuring out how to work, travel, and escape the heat – I was ambitious in my travels and drove more than my typical 50-60 miles per day.

The fact is that weather really does dictate much of my travel, but this is my first year and I'm still trying to figure all this out.

So, I decided to head out to Halifax, Nova Scotia in Canada and circle around to Old Quebec City, Quebec and then back into Maine. If I do this right, I can travel 50-60 miles per day, emerse myself in that area, like hiking and sightseeing, still work Monday through Friday, and get caught up on my videos (that didn't happen).

I'm technically on vacation until this coming Wednesday so I really want to enjoy this area of New England and enjoy the beauty and people.

Glacial Movement Rocks

Maine Fishing Boats Big Sur

Lily Rolled in Animal “Goo”

So here I sit, at Sunset Point RV Park in Lubec, Maine looking out over Johnson Bay. Lily and I have already explored down to the beach, looking for sea glass and enjoying the view; however Lily found something else.

I'm not sure what it was, but it was this dark, black gooey substance – and while I was taking pictures she decided to roll in it, which is what she does with dead animals sometimes. I don't get it.

The beach was just several feet from said rolling-in-animal-goo incident, so Lily got a bath in the sea water. She was none too happy and neither was I to see that the black goo was now turning her white fur green.

Great. Now I have a green dog.

Oh, but guess what?

I have Dawn dish detergent – that I use for the toilet (that's another story) – which supposedly cleans off oil from animals.

YouTube player

When we trudged back to the RV, Lily now sopping wet and covered in sand sticking to her wet legs and underbelly. She but on the breaks when I tried to put her in the shower.

You'd be surprised how persistent a 10 lb dog can be when she doesn't want to go somewhere.

I doused her with blue Dawn dish detergent and suds' her up from head to toe. That black goo was all over her legs, both sides of her face, her neck.

Crazy girl!

I finally got her all cleaned up and that nasty goo off of her. Yuck!

Easternmost Point of the US

The drive started out from Ellsworth, Maine where I had camped out at Walmart for the night and diverted down several southern inlets to the ocean. First was Schoodic Point and then to Jonesport.

The drive was so beautiful with few tourists in comparison to Portland all the way to Bar Harbor. There may not have been all the shops and restaurants like those areas, but it had plenty to offer with its own shores, fishing boats, scenic views, and cafes spread throughout the small coastal towns.

It was a pretty easy drive with only some narrowing roads that were a bit bumpy, but most were well paved and the RV did just fine.

Lubec is the easternmost point of the US – established in 1775 – and was well-known for its herring, pollock, and shellfish production until the War of 1812 halted some of the transport herring. It never rebounded and the population declined.

Lubec Easternmost Point Sign

Lubec Maine Easternmost Point Amber

Lubec still relies on the fishing industry and the tourism especially when the bridge was built in 1962 to Campobelloe, Canada and the establishment of the West Quoddy State Park.

Overnighting at the Only RV Park in East Maine + BEST SUNSET EVER!

Before heading out on the “Big Sur” of Maine on Highway 1, I scoured the area for places to stay since there wasn't any BLM, National Forest, or Walmarts. So I found the only RV park in Lubec, Maine.

I must say I wasn't quite sure what to expect, given there was no competition in the area, which can make for a not-so-favorable experience at times.

Let's just say I was impressed!

There wasn't anything overly fancy about it. It had your basic water and electric hookups with a sewer dump area. My campsite spot, #5, was level with grass all around – which was really nice.

However what makes this place so amazing is:

  • Staff was very nice and accommodating. They even helped me move the picnic table to situate it well with my RV.
  • The grounds were super clean.
  • They had a small pond with fish and tiny little light house of its own.
  • RV park was off of Johnson Bay so you could walk down to the water, when the tide is out, and sit and listen to the birds and the water crash on the rocks.

Sunset Point RV Park

Maine Big Sur Harbor

However, my favorite part was the sunset and the incredibly nice people I met who were also staying at the RV Park. I'm always astounded by the generosity of others and how well we all connect as RVers. I met Bunny who was parked just next to me with her husband (please forgive me for forgetting his name, but who can't remember Bunny!) and we talked about her love of photography, our RVing adventures, and just really enjoyed our conversations.

As we were about to sit by a campfire – we being Bunny's husband – we all watched the sunset. Talk about a beautiful color show!

Sunset Point RV Park Sunset

Sunset Point RV Park Purple Sunset

It literally was purple, then orange and yellow, then faded into black. I couldn't believe my eyes. With each snap of my camera's shutter button, the color show before me was changing.

Johnson Bay Purple Orange Sunset

Red Orange Sunset Lubec Maine

I'm constantly surprised by the beauty in this world and the painting it's always giving us as morning turns to night and the seasons change each year.

My heart is so full of gratitude and I absolutely appreciate this life I've been given and the ability to travel and explore.

Quoddy Head Lighthouse – Easternmost Point of the US

I stayed for only one night at Sunset Point RV park and then it was off to leave for Calais, Maine and then on to Canada, but before heading out, I stopped at the West Quoddy Head Lighthouse, built in 1858, between the Bay of Fundy and Gulf of Maine. It's now a museum and visitor center.

West Quoddy Lighthouse Maine

It also serves as a tourist attraction to take your picture at the Easternmost point of the U.S. (at least the building is on the Easternmost point).

Amber and Lily Quoddy Head Lighthouse

Raye's Mustard Museum

We ended up at the Walmart in Calais, Maine just before heading into Canada, but not before we visited Ray's Mustard which is a historic working mustard mill.

It was so much fun to learn about the history of this mustard mill from Abby and it's part it played in this region. You better pay attention though because Abby will test your knowledge during the tour.

Take a look at the small film on their website where you can learn more and if you're in that area, stop in and get a tour.

Rayes Mustard Eastport Maine

There's taste testing galore with a little tasting table of tiny spoons and all of the gourmet flavors as well as the yellow classic. Admittedly, I am a mustard lover so I walked away with $70 of mustard! In all fairness, before you gasp at the dollar amount of my purchase, I did send some to my cousin who is a food blogger so she could also test out the goodness.

I think my favorite is the Dundicott Hott and the Down East Schooner. Yum!

Rayes Gourmet Mustard

Have you been to the Easternmost point of Maine? Tell me your story.

Overnights & Places Visited


  • Sunset Point RV Park in Lubec, Maine / $35 per night
  • Walmart in Calais, Maine / $0

Places Visited/Cost for Maine Sightseeing:

  • West Quoddy Head Lighthouse in Lubec, Maine / $0
  • Raye's Mustard Museum in Eastport, Maine / $0 to tour and variable cost of how much your purchase

RV Accessibility:

  • You can drive this route in any RV without any problems. There was plenty of parking at all of the sights I visited.

Cell Phone Signal Strength:  2-4 bars

Park Pass:  N/A

Video/Audio/Gear Used

Panasonic Lumix G85 Camera – For most still images and vlogging

Sony Action Cam FDRX3000 – For dash cam and walking/talking video

Joby Gorillapod – Used for holding the cameras as a tripod or mounting to just about anything to capture a shot.

AllStays app – Use on phone or desktop for finding gas stations, RV parks, campgrounds, propane, and more on your travel route.

Verizon Data Plan – Best nationwide coverage as of this post while traveling.

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    1. Cheryl thank you so much and so glad you’re enjoying my blog and photos. That sunset was nothing like I’d ever seen. The colors were incredible. I must have had over 50 photos of that sunset. I just kept snapping pictures because the colors and landscape kept changing with each snap of camera button.

  1. Hi, so happy you were able to do this! I am still working on trying to do this full-time or maybe even part-time. I went for the second time 2017 in November for a fall car and see if i could travel by im not a spring chicken any more..I wanted to make it up to Calais, Maine as was a coastal trip for me. My daughter did come along and I changed my plans. We made it as far as Bar Harbor. Then turned back west towards Manchester New Hampshire where I put her on a plane. Since my plans had changed, I’m like what do I do now. So I spent four days in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Absolutely gorgeous. Campground seem like everywhere.. most were closed. It rained most of the time..made some beautiful,vibrant pictures. And like you I had a moment. I put the front end of my car in a ditch in the rain on a lonely nothing highway. Was able to get myself out. But I was shaking. And, the best part I kept on going for the rest of my caught in the first Nor’easter. Had to reroute and find new hotels because mine were without power. my initial trip was I was supposed to rent a place for a month in Deer Isle..but plans changed..i did notice and heard there wasnt to many places to boondock….i will go again…hopefully up to Canada also…My biggest saying, is I will adapt and overcome…i can do this!..your videos are wonderful…thankyou….paula

    1. Hey Paula! I fixed your last name spelling too btw! 🙂 Oh no on your “moment” in the ditch!! Was it slick from ice? So glad you’re okay and what a great attitude you have about it your moments or challenges as I call them as well. I hope you don’t let that deter you from moving forward in whatever capacity that looks like for you in traveling. Yes, the East Coast can be challenging for boondocking and I spent many a night at Walmart or it would have cost me a lot to pay for campgrounds the month I was in Canada and far north. There’s National Forest areas in some places but a lot don’t have cell reception and with work -well it makes it difficult. So I just do what I can as time allows and places allow. You can do this!!!! When’s your next trip?

  2. Heading this way over the summer with my daughter. This is her graduation gift this year…a trip of a lifetime. We will be going to Canada also. Your info is important because I like to be off line so to speak. I don’t want to do what everyone else does…thank you!

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