Wiser’s Story Selling It All & Transitioning to RV Life


Today, you’ll meet Eric and Rachel Wiser who sold everything to RV full-time while transitioning to RV life on a modest budget, live a more simplistic life, and work camping in truly beautiful locations like Bar Harbor, Maine and The Keys in Florida.

Transitioning to rv lifeMany times people think you have to be independently wealthy to RV full-time or travel full-time, but that just isn’t the case.

If you’ve been watching my YouTube channel and reading my blog, you’ll know that I didn’t inherit money to live this traveling life – far from it! I hold a job where I work remotely.

I think Eric says it best in the video interview, that if you want this traveling lifestyle, you can have it. There’s money to made out there in the world, but you’ll have to make some choices on how you want to live and what you can afford without over extending yourself.

During their interview, we had so many laughs and we dived deep into the following topics:

  • How they are transitioning to RV life
  • Describe their financial situation
  • What kind of budget they live on
  • What the process was for them to get a work camping job
  • How their life has been since transitioning to RV life from a home
  • What their day is like while work camping and living in a beautiful location
  • They also give us a tour of their RV and what modifications they made to their RV, their solar set-up, composting toilet, and more.

Meet Eric and Rachel Wiser

Eric and Rachel are a young couple who decided that living in a traditional home, that you pay off over 30 years, just wasn’t for them anymore. They want to live more fully, explore the world, and create a life that is full of truly amazing stories.

I met Eric and Rachel while we were both at AM Solar in Eugene, Oregon to install solar panels. It was a chance encounter that brought us together again in Bar Harbor, Maine where I stayed for a week and had the chance to really get to know this couple and hear their story.

We toured all around Bar Harbor, Maine together – well – Eric chauffeured us around in his Jeep – and explored the area. It was my first time in Maine so I was so thankful that Eric and Rachel had already been here for a couple of months, work camping at an RV resort, so they knew all of the great spots to sightsee.

Work Camping Couple

I decided during that week that I just had to interview them.

They are an extension of why I started this blog and YouTube channel – to share not only my stories and experiences, but also others who live a really great life they actively created.

These stories and experiences are shared to inspire and break apart the myths that only wealthy people, or people who are fearless, or people who were just handed everything, live this life and can travel full-time or even part-time.

The truth is that you can have a life of travel as well. It’s just about figuring out how to create it and then taking action.

The Interview with Eric and Rachel Wiser on Transitioning to RV Life

You can watch the full episode below or click on the links below for specific areas of your interest:

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Questions and Answers in the Video

I hope you’ve enjoyed Eric and Rachel’s story on how they went about transitioning to RV life and how they have financially made their dream a reality. If so, please leave me a comment or question below. Eric and Rachel will be monitoring all questions either here or on YouTube to help you out. Also if you know anybody who needs some encouragement to start living their dreams then please share this post or YouTube video with them.

If you’d like to you can connect with the Wiser’s directly on their Facebook page and if you're looking for more information on work camping and jobs for work camping then visit the Workamper website.

Making Your Dreams a Reality

Your dreams don’t have to be about RVing or traveling, it can be anything that you’ve been wanting to create in your life.

Dreams are not always meant to be easy, but there’s definitely a way to manifest these dreams into existence. Sometimes it comes with sacrifice and adjusting, but you can accomplish your dreams.

I’m living proof of that. The Wiser’s are living proof.

We’re not any more special than anybody else in this world. We just took some steps that helped us get to where we are today that were successful and allowed us to step into living a life that we have actively created.

If you’d like to know more about how to manifest your dreams into existence, then please contact me directly and tell me what you are looking for and what challenges you are experiencing.

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  1. What a great time Amber! You did an amazing job and so happy to share our story so others out there can see that it can be done if you want it to. I hope this gets out there and inspires others to take that leap and chase their traveling dreams. If anyone has questions to ask us please feel free to comment or find us on facebook and ask there as well. We would love to help people on their journey.

    1. Thanks Eric! It was easy with you all and I MISS you all from our week together. I can’t wait to catch up with you all again on the road. Your story is truly amazing and one of inspiration and hope for others. See you on the road!

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